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TITLE Shocking review for Sudo-ae & Shower-ae
NAME 듀벨 SORT DATE 2019/07/18


I was moving my house to middle east.

Before come to hear, I knew that middle east water quality is not good.

So I bought lots of dewbell products.


*If somebody go to middle east, you have to bring filter!


First day, I installed only shower ae.

I use only twice then filter color changed like below picture.


Could you believe?

After take shower, I installed other products too.


When I was using Sudo-ae like below, shower ae filter do not change the color.

Maybe Sudo-ae effect is good.


I install wash basin.

I rarely use hot water so filter color changed speed is not so fast.


I bought pink cap filter, after 2 weeks...


My co-worker worry about pimple etc.

I think it is because of water.




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