Magnetized water?

Fine water clusters generated by strong magnets are a highly effective detergent and good for the human body. It's effective with warm water (i.e., with a shower at more than 25 degrees, laundry at more than 30 degrees and products with 100% pure cotton).

  • Very effective at inducing lather.
  • Softens hair without hair conditioner
  • Prevents water residuals, such as the production of slime in the basin and sink.


  • G1_Max
    For shower line / wash line
    For water purifiers
    Connection PF-1/2
  • G2_Gold mini
    For shower line / wash line
    For washing machines
    For water purifiers
    Connection PF-1/2
  • G4_Gold mini
    For cobra-type sink line
  • Tubaero
    For dish washing machine
    Connection PF-1/2


Economically feasible
changes all of the water in your house into magnetized water
Easy to install
anyone can install it easily
made of neodymium magnet, which is permanent magnet.

Product effectiveness

For shower
Gives a feel of smoothness, like bathing in a hot spring
Helps with care for skin and hair
Able to maintain a clean & comfortable interior in the house
For drinking
Good for enhancing digestive health.
Helpful for healing hangovers.
Enhances natural curing power of human body through active metabolism
For food
Preserves freshness in stocking vegetables, fish, & etc.
Easily removes oiliness & washes dishes effectively
Better food flavor when cooking foods with water.
For washing machine
Provides a bleaching effect
Washes well with little detergent
No odor due to the sterilization
Shortens the time for nutrients in a solid to dissolve and helps plants to absorb them, leading to growth promotion